There are many of benefits from booking directly through an entertainer as opposed to booking through a talent agency or event planner. Many talent agencies or event planners take a cut from an entertainer so they charge extra to make a cut. For example, if an entertainer normally books a large corporate event at $5,000 often times an agent will charge $7,500 so that they make a cut from the booking. So you can sometimes save thousands of dollars from booking directly through the entertainer. You’d be surprised how many amazing magicians and other performers book themselves solely and don’t go through agents. You can avoid confusion on the day of the performance as well because no matter which agent you may be currently working with while planning there can always be important details overlooked when not working directly with the performer. The agents don’t always know the answers you are asking because they are not the entertainment. You may have a certain question about how to arrange the seating and this is only something the performer knows because they are the ones actually doing the show.

A famous magician or famous entertainer will usually go through an agent but remember that when you book someone like this you are paying for the name and not necessarily the talent or how good the performance actually is. This is not to take away from the success of some famous performers of today but some of the top entertainment are not necessarily what they were when they first made it big years ago. So often times you will get much better value out of a non-famous performer without the 6 figure price tag.