Unlike a formal show, strolling magic is when a magician goes group to group. The entertainer usually performs card magic, coin magic, mind reading, along with some comedy magic to really engage small crowds in an intimate setting. Keep in mind that if your guest list is about 50 people you can make due with an hour of strolling magic, if you have around 80-100 people then you should have at least 2 hours, and so on. That will guarantee that your crowd will feel like the entertainer or magician has spent enough quality time to really entertain your guests thoroughly. Rates for a formal show can be much higher than strolling magic and if budget is really something you have to take into consideration then sometimes strolling magic will be better for your corporate audience. If you are on time constraints because your audience is receiving awards or you have a keynote speaker then that could be another reason to have strolling magic instead. Although to really amaze your crowd the formal Vegas style show is usually the most recommended. There are also options to have strolling magic and formal show combination to really maximize the most out of the entertainment. These combo packages usually are longer than just having one or the other.