Welcome everyone interested in magicIAN’s show. We have been doing virtual shows for quite a while now but we are officially launching the public shows virtually in hopes that people will have the knowledge of magicIAN’s show options right away. This show includes the full length illusion show usually performed in person but now performing it virtually as well. In person shows are still available for booking but people are increasingly booking for virtual events as well. Virtual magic can work for a corporate meeting, a virtual family gathering, 0r birthday parties.


If you are getting tired of quarantine but it is still necessary for you then this is a great option to really get yourself out there and feel connected to the world. Also, it is a great way to be entertained and make people feel special in the tough times we are living in. Whether you want your employees to feel special or your birthday person to feel special then this is really something that will lighten up people’s day and be memorable for years to come. A virtual magician like magicIAN performs the show for other types of events to. You can get creative for your reasons to host an event and have entertainment like a virtual magic show.


Even after the full reopening magicIAN will be offering virtual shows so if you are seeing this page post reopening then you will still have the virtual show option to choose from. Virtual magic shows are beginning to be a normal part of magicIAN’s performance repertoire and more and more people are booking with him for virtual shows. This is as close to in person as possible because magicIAN can read your mind through your computer or phone screen instantly. He can also do unbelievable visual magic that you would swear is using camera tricks. But since it is in real time that is impossible. Imagine seeing a Las Vegas show, well that is exactly what you are getting. MagicIAN is a magician as well as an illusionist so many different styles of magic are performed in the show unlike other magicians.


We hope you make the right decision for your virtual corporate event or virtual birthday party. At any level in the decision making progress feel welcome to give us a call and we will confirm magicIAN’s availability for your virtual event. You may reach us at 714-471-4472 and we can discuss details with you. You may even magically get the chance to speak with magicIAN himself over the phone!!!