If you are looking for for the best magician at your upcoming holiday event or party then you have definitely come to the right destination. Be entertained by all of magicIAN’s street magic videos and interactive illusions while also enjoying some video examples from the live show. This way you can really see why so many high end events and companies book magicIAN every year. There are several different options, you can either book the formal illusion show where magicIAN actually customizes the show for the type of holiday party. You can also book the strolling magic option which is great for a more informal setting, or a combination of the two which seems to be extremely popular. These options of entertainment are really for people looking to go all out on their event and make it not only very memorable but also the most amazing event that anyone has ever been to! This is truly the way to stand out from the rest of your friends’ parties and have everyone talking about this for years to come. MagicIAN is the top rated magician in California and one of the highest reviewed magicians on yelp as well. Here are some reviews and testimonials about magicIAN on his website.


The best way to reach out is by calling. There is a chance that magicIAN himself will be the one to answer the call and make accommodations according to the details you provide. This way he can be sure that your company holiday party will be very successful. This is the same show that he has performed for celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Adam Sandler, and at Las Vegas Casino’s like The Aria Resort and Casino. You have the option of choosing between strolling magic, a formal show, or combination of both. It is best to discuss details over the phone after contacting through email because the structure of your event may benefit better to a specific performance type that magicIAN has. With over 200 five star reviews across google and yelp, you can be sure that this is the type of entertainment your employees and colleagues will be talking about for years. Your guests just might enjoy it so much that they’ll request the show to come back the following year or even for your summer private house party for example. You really want to make sure that your getting a good show and the demand for magicIAN is extremely high especially in the holiday season. When requesting magicIAN please understand that this is a luxury service and the rate will be around what a lot of top motivational speakers charge.

Companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Home Depot, and Ritz Carlton (just to name a few) book magicIAN every year for their company holiday parties. Most of them choose the combination of strolling magic and show option however many of them just do the formal show or strolling magic to. He is even chosen over other celebrity entertainers as well because people really enjoy his show that much. You can view the video examples as well to see why this is. Go to the instagram here to also see some cool magic from magicIAN himself. He has over 22k followers on instagram because people really interact and enjoy the content that he posts. Check it out and see what your community is talking about with magicIAN. You may also check out the facebook page here where there are some more examples of the magic and a short clip of his notable special effects light show with holograms and levitating woman illusion! We recommend to definitely do some research on him and then send a request or call just to be sure you think his magic will fit your event well. Keep in mind magicIAN specializes in performing close-up strolling magic, street magic, mentalism, and stage magic. There are several examples of magic to see him performing for Halloween and Christmas events! So he can literally put together a show with magic that interests you the most which is something not a lot of magicians can do.

The real question to ask yourself is, “How all out do I want to take this event?” and, “How thrilled do I want my audience to be?” If your answer is, “a lot” to either one of those questions then booking magicIAN will guarantee that for your audience. The magic will be so memorable that your colleagues will be talking about how impossible some of the magic was at the office and your friends will be calling you about this show weeks and months later. This really takes your event to the next level and can really save an event from being boring to something people will want to come back for year after year. Imagine people walking up to you at the end of the event and thanking you about how thrilled they were that the event you put together was such a huge success. Even if one thing in your event goes wrong, magicIAN is there to save the day and really get your audience on their feet for more! Time and time again companies have things like this to say about magicIAN’s show.

Currently touring most parts of California and Las Vegas, NV with the illusion show and strolling magic for all kinds of holiday events. When you are really looking for the most unique magician then magicIAN is definitely the one to book. The sooner you book the better. His schedule is filling up quickly with almost half of October and several dates in December 2019 already booked. Many time frames on the days that are half booked can still be squeezed in with another event though.

Have you ever seen a huge production magic show like Criss Angel or David Copperfield in Las Vegas and wondered what it would be like to have something similar at an actual event of yours? Make your imagination come to reality and see unbelievable illusions and mind magic like you never thought would be possible to have at your own event. We specialize in helping you put together the most amazing events only otherwise experienced in a multi-million dollar production in Vegas or Dubai. You can actually bring this feeling to your event which many people are thrilled to find out. Not a lot of people know about this or else all high end events would be doing it. Watch a quick video below of magicIAN when he put together a fundraiser to help the victims of the 2017 Vegas mass shooting.

The special effects light show with holograms is an act that some people book magicIAN for. This act also includes a levitating woman in the air in the finale of the performance. For your corporate holiday party or private event he can also customize the hologram with your choice of viewing experiences which is something unprecedented in the entertainment community that nobody else is doing. For example, if you have a company logo or a client you are trying to impress then you can choose to have their logo or choice of visuals appear in the hologram during the show! Imagine the look on your audience faces when they experience that. Check out the footer of the homepage here to see brief example of the light show.

To inquire booking availability you can submit a form request here or call 714-471-4472