Are you still planning your end of summer event? Now is a good time to get entertainment especially if you think it will add value for your guests who are attending. Having an entertainer like a magician at a summer party can really help to make your event a great success becuase many times people focus on inviting guests only and forget about what their guests are going to do during the event. There are definitely certain entertainers who fit different styles of events better than others. For example if you are booking a magician for a cocktail hour type of party then you are going to want to book a magician who specializes in, “strolling magic for events.” If you are having a formal dinner party or a birthday party then you are going to want to have a magician who specializes in a, “stage magic show.” Another example would be that if you are having an adult birthday party you wouldn’t want a magician who only does kids magic shows and vice versa. There are some magicians who perform all kinds of magic so therefore have a specialty in all of these different styles of magic. When searching for the right entertainment try to book directly through a performer’s website and avoid directory entertainment websites. You will usually get a bunch of quotes from people who are either not qualified for the event or who will do a very mediocre job. If you are on an extremely limited budget then this might be your best option however and sometimes you will actually hit the lottery with finding the right one for your event. But if you are looking for something very specific or to make your event very special then this route is definitely not recommended.