It is very important to understand that prices can vary a lot from performer to performer and what kind of event you are having. Sometimes a corporate event magician or performer can charge 100 times what some kids party entertainers. This is not always the case but often it is. If you’d like to have a solid magician perform a stage illusion show for an adult dinner party be prepared to spend a minimum of around $1,000 or more for someone who is very good. You may want a full scale Vegas style magic and illusion show for like a corporate event and these kind can even start at around $5,000 or more as well. A motivational speaker type of entertainer many times charge around $10,000 or more for an event looking for a very niche type of speaker even if they are not a celebrity. Definitely keep this in mind and anything under these suggested prices can potentially mean that it is a low quality show. This can sometimes disappoint guests. Don’t be fooled if someone charges $150 and says they have good reviews. You do not always know the source of reviews. Although reading reviews for a performer is important as well you should also consider the performers youtube videos, instagram content, and type of pictures they have. This can all really help you make a good decision in addition to reviews. You want actual video proof that the performer has done a certain type of event with audience reaction, not just a written review without a confirmed source. When you do the appropriate research you’ll thank yourself after that performer gets a standing ovation or raves about them after the party. Feel free to contact us here to request availability for the magician we represent.