It is definitely a good idea to check out most of the video footage and instagram content that the entertainer or magician has because this will help you find what the magician specializes in. If you are having an adult birthday party and are looking to hire a magician then you don’t want to hire someone who has videos of them only performing a show for children. If you are a school looking to book a magician for an assembly show then you don’t want to book a magician who only has videos of them performing just strolling magic. When you finally find a niche performer it is important to not price search for someone much less who may not be as good. Many event planners have found themselves in utter dissapointment when booking a magician who charges $200 compared to someone who charges $1,500 for the same event. In the entertainment business the saying, “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true.

A school should always consider the type of instagram content if looking to book a performer for a fundraiser or assembly because this will help dictate the attendance to the performance. If you advertise the act and then show the students the instagram content you want it to be impressive so they will be hyped up to see the show. More attendance in to your fundraiser or assembly means a bigger success and exposure for your cause. Follower count is one of the last things to look at but someone with a slightly larger follower count on instagram means they are slightly more popular for people to come watch and sometimes also hype up the attendance. Often times the same idea can be applied to other events like birthday parties, corporate events, or dinner parties but usually work best to hype up a school function. There are all kinds of shows out there so watching the videos and getting opinions from the staff, teachers, and students can be a huge helper in decision making especially if price is not of a major concern. Watch a video example of a school show and close-up/street style magic.