When inquiring availability from a performer you should always ask questions and request suggestions. Give them all of the information about the event including schedule, parking, entertainment restrictions, special guests of the night, and other details you find important. This way the entertainer can be fully prepared because parking is usually tougher to find at a hotel for a corporate event in Los Angeles, Ca than a house party in Orange County, Ca. It depends on the exact location of course but some cities are generally tougher to find parking than others. This kind of information can affect setup time of the show and directly affect what time they should arrive to. This information is not as important to someone who performs, “strolling magic” as it is to someone who performs a, “stage magic show.” The schedule can dictate what a performer can do and just like the last topic can affect what a stage performer can actually do. Some performers can require anywhere from 20 minutes to a full hour of setup on a stage to make sure the props are all set. Usually, they should be the ones to go first if you are having other entertainment because some entertainers only need a minute to setup or no time at all.

It is a good idea to tell the entertainer who the CEO is of the event so they can be involved in the show if that is something that they would desire. There may also be certain people who you’d like to participate in the show more often for a number of reasons. Some entertainers have the option of doing a short, “roast” of someone in good taste as well. If you really want some good comedy in your show then a performance like this is a good idea because it really adds to the entertainment value. A long and very serious show can quickly bore your audience members since the best entertainment will take your audience on an emotional roller coaster.