Once you have all of the details of your event and you feel confident the entertainer fits your requirments and needs it is now time to book. Remember the main points, checking the performers reviews, website, videos, and instagram content. Make sure you have talked it over with the rest of the decision makers as well. Most professional entertainers require some sort of deposit to confirm their appearance at your event so be sure to get that to them as soon as possible to secure your spot in their calendar. As an entertainer, it can be somewhat tough to manage a confirmation on a verbal confirmation before receiving a deposit because it means your event is still, “up in the air.” During the busy times like the summer and holidays this can put extra stress on an entertainer because sometimes they will receive other inquires for that date you have requested. Get back to the entertainers’ you have decided not to go with and remit the deposit to the one you are going with in order to secure a confirmation. You’ll find a lot of event planners and entertainers use paypal, square, or venmo to accept payment to make it easy on your behalf and make all of your payment information secure as well. If you have any other questions on this topic feel welcome to contact us on how to plan the best entertainer for your event.