Have you ever spoken to an entertainer who seemed to have a very, “1 dimentional” feel for what they were offering with their performance? A magician or illusionist is different has a wide variety of different forms of entertainment to offer. There are a select few magicians who perform strolling magic, a formal illusion show, and a comedy magic show. Each of these performances differ and some work better depending on the structure of your event. Many corporate events even enjoy a combination of all three types of performances.

Strolling magic

A strolling magician is a performer who performs close-up magic going to table to table or group to group. This seems to be very ideal with a large event that already has a lot of things planned for the event already. This way the magician can perform short and intermittent performances for small groups of people and pause when awards are given or an important announcement is being made during your event or party. A strolling magician often does a lot of close-up magic with cards, coins, and mentalism and is usually meant for no more than about 10 people per group or less. This gives your audience a short but very intimate experience. Watch an example of what strolling magic would be like for your event below.


Stage Magic

A stage magician performs more of a formal show where your audience sits down and watches a show typically with a duration of about 20 minutes to an hour. This form of magic is good to book when most of your event is highlighting the entertainment. Depending on the type of stage magician you are having, it can take up to an hour for the performer to set up on the stage. If you have a stage mentalist then most of the time it takes much less time to prepare the show. These performances are full-scale Vegas style acts similar to what you see on Large stages for anywhere between 100-4,000 people. Most of the time, there is a mixture of grand scale illusions and stand-up magic with audience interaction. Watch an example of stage magic below.



A lot of events find it very beneficial to have a combination of strolling magic and a formal show because you can get the best of both styles in magic. Imagine having your audience be amazed by the intimate close-up magic with cards and then seeing real doves magically changing into a real snake with special effects. This is all possible when choosing magicIAN as your entertainer. You can also call us to explain details so we can customize the show to fit your event in the best way possible.

Magic can be a much more versatile piece of entertainment because it can be much more easily customized to your event than other entertainment options. A lot of holiday parties do want a formal show because some magicians even have a holiday themed show and this is really what sets magicians apart from other entertainers. You can call the magician or other entertainer to really find out the best option they have to offer after explaining how the structure of your holiday event will be like.