Have you ever spoken to an entertainer who seemed to have a very, “1 dimentional” feel for what they were offering with their performance? A magician or illusionist is different has a wide variety of different forms of entertainment to offer. There are a select few magicians who perform strolling magic, a formal illusion show, and a comedy magic show. Each of these 3performances differ and some work better depending on the structure of your event. Many corporate events even enjoy a combination of all three types of performances. Magic can be a much more versatile piece of entertainment because it can be much more easily customized to your event than other entertainment options. A lot of holiday parties do want a formal show because some magicians even have a holiday themed show and this is really what sets magicians apart from other entertainers. You can call the magician or other entertainer to really find out the best option they have to offer after explaining how the structure of your holiday event will be like.