Some entertainers have a full large scale illusion show or a variety show with multiple entertainers which flows together to entertain your audience. These kind of show require to have a theatrical stage or a raised performance area to really maximize your viewing experience. For example, you can have an mc, magician or illusionist, cirque du solei performer, and a comedian. This can give you a full 2 hour entertainment experience or more if you really want the focus of the night to be entertainment. Be expected to have a budget of around $10,000 if this is the route you want to take if you really want the best of the best in each field of entertainment. This is to make sure the quality that you are booking will exceed everyones expectation. Some entertainers can actually book the rest of the entertainment for you because often times the top performers in the industry are all friends. Although it is smart to do your research on individual performers to guarantee that they will be the best because your reputation is at stake with who you decide to book.