Booking the right entertainer for your summer event can be a great experience depending on the which entertainer you are speaking to. You want to be sure to call the entertainer and make sure they know exactly what they are talking about and seem really confident on the phone so that you will have a pleasant experience on the day of. You may have a good feeling of the audience you are booking the entertainer for. If you have a very reserved crowd a comedian may not be the best choice because many comedians can either have crude jokes or just not enough material to fit in a 45 minute gap unless they are someone as good as George Lopez. Although, having someone like a comedy magician may be a better choice since the crowd also gets to be amazed along with laughing. However, just like in the previous paragraph it is very important to view their video footage so you know it will be appropriate enough for your crowd.

If you have an audience who wants ambient entertainment and you know definitely will have really important conversations throughout the event than you may even consider having a band, harp player, or singer. You can even go all out on entertainment and have multiple shows on one stage throughout the night depending on your budget. You may already have a particular vision for your night and almost always it is a good idea to book some form of entertainment for the night. You especially want the performer to be good so that your audience goes home thrilled and talking about it instead of bored and disappointed. This is why it is important to have a sizeable budget so your entertainer will be good. You’ll want someone who does their performance art for a living instead of someone who does it as a part time gig and has a day job. This way you know they are puting their all into their artform.